Life is all about the ups & downs and smiles & frowns. May be we can’t capture the time when we laughed till we fell down on the floor, may be we can’t freeze the moment when sadness churned up that icy wind deep into our souls, may be we can’t redo our first kiss, our first crush or our last day of college. The only thing we can do is make memories- some good, some bad, some bitter-sweet.

This is what this blog is about. Memories that we can read, memories that we can remember, memories that we can relive in the aisles of time long gone by.

However, this blog is also more than just the memoirs of past. It takes you into the world of fiction, drama, romance and hard-stricken realities. It disappoints you sometimes and sometimes brings that smile back. It will make you hate and fall in love at the same time. It plays not only with words, but with deep thoughts, ideas, and real life experiences.

I hope this blog brings smiles to all those faces who read it!