Do you remember the time you asked me for a date- away from all the tumultuous noises into the serenity of candle-light whispers under the stars? I heard that voice soothing my ears, like splashes of sea water soothing your feet after a long walk on the “fried-sand” in a hot summer day, while I watched your silhouette dancing in the candle-lit darkness.

Do you remember the time your eyes bored into mine? I saw you melting like butter in front of me and the richness radiating out of those enticing dark brown eyes with long seductive eyelashes; unlike mine that look trimmed and ironed giving a thorny look! I saw those mischievous ones eyeing mine through the corners and mine would follow yours invariably.

Do you remember the time when you said that you love me; that cold winter day under your heart stirring embrace? With every word you said, my heart ebbed away. Those plain white curtains, those cream colored walls, that antique wooden mirror, that small box bed, those hanging wires from bulb-less ceiling and brown metal cupboard (that you never let me open) bear witness to that breathtaking moment.

And you obviously remember the time when I said that I was going to do a splash on you and you thought I was joking. Thanks to that aerial wrestling technique- you haven’t taken me lightly ever since. Watch out, watch out, watch out!

You remember the times when we took a long walk taking the most possible long routes so that we could spend more time together; when we walked back home from school few days before ‘holi’ (that brave thing we did!); when you bought me that black dress I wore on my birthday and the red one I wore on my graduation and the pink one I absolutely love; when we went on our first movie together; when we were billed a ticket for driving without a license on our first bike ride (we were too young to have a license); when you taught me to ride a motorbike; when you stood at my door with chocolate truffles while I was panicking a day before my exams;  when I was way too broken and asked you to hold me; when you told me that I looked ugly and I cried. You do remember all these even now, don’t you?

Well, I do. Years have passed and my eyes still follow yours invariably. But I don’t see mischief in them anymore; I see a deep loving gaze promising silently that you will stick around even in mayhem. I still hear your voice but it doesn’t soothe just my heart anymore; it soothes my conscience. And though we don’t say that we love each other as frequent, and I believe we don’t need words, I can feel that our love has deepened its roots even more. I hear your heart saying it when you shower kisses on my early morning make-up-less ugly face.

Years have passed. The cream colored walls are sandstone now, the queen bed has overthrown your box bed, the hanging wires have found their yellow romantic lights and the smooth textured wooden cupboard (the one that you let me open now) have replaced the noisy and rusty metal one; yet one thing remains the same- our friendship. People who have been blessed to be in romantic relationship with their best friend can completely relate and understand what it means for me to have you in this otherwise mundane life. In one side thrives the love élan and on the other side lives the friendship deep and strong.

Life offers such one-in-a-thousand fortune to very few people and I am so blessed to be one of them. May I always be able to love you, caress you, fight you, wrestle you, tease you and annoy you! Most importantly, may I always be friends with you. God bless me. God bless you. God bless us.

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