If only…

A little more hope, a bit of more sunshine, a speck of some more trust and just some more wind beneath the wings. That is all I need. That is all I ask. That is all what everyone dreams of.

You heard Greenland is greener and Iceland is colder. They said dying sun is sad and life is practical. Some count the number of steps to the destination while some measure the length of the corridor to the nearest exit.

But I am a stupid woman for I haven’t seen Greenland or Iceland. I wouldn’t know which is greener or colder. I too have heard few lies but different from your truths. I am insane for I look at the dying sun and feel anew. I see a new night coming in with stars and moon and breeze and love. I am a fool for I do not walk by the set rules of practicality. I walk the road less trodden. And I do not know the algorithm to live the coded life. I know I will either make it or break it and the chances are high that I will break it. I know!

I am illogical for I count the memories and not the number of steps to my destination. I don’t have the measuring tape to measure the length of the corridor to the nearest exit either. And I don’t want one. I am clueless, crazily clueless. I have nothing except my dreams and determination. I don’t want to, more importantly don’t deserve to, always hear that I am not good enough.

But if only they would understand that I want to fly high. May be I will hit the ground hard, harder than I could take. May be I will break my wings. May be I will get soaked in rain. May be struck by a thunder.  Hit a mountain. Burn under the sun. Blown by the wind.

Or may be I will make it! May be I will fly to the highest heights and see the world by myself. Maybe I will get lost in the sky; only to find myself reaching the stars. If only they would let me try. If only they would trust me a little more. If only….

Having said all that, just know that I’m doing all fine. Very fine. And not because I am one hundred percent right. In fact, I don’t know what it means to be one hundred percent right. But my heart says this is right- right for me. I am in love with my stupid dreams- stupid for I know everything new is stupid for you. Just as I am putting my faith in my heart, if only you could have some more faith in me. If only…

But this too shall pass.

And my heart tells me that I will be alright!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Drishya says:

    It’s beautiful…and yes, one day you’ll find yourself reaching for stars 🙂


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