Colour & Country

Red for courage, Pink for energy, Orange for vitality, Yellow for wisdom, Green for life, Blue for peace, White for purity, Black for stability…

Colours fill the emptiness residing in us; the emptiness that I prefer to call “Nothing”. How they sprinkle life over nothing is captivating! On the white canvas called life, the streaks of these magnificent colours dissolve so gracefully- blending into the existing ones and infusing their energies.

They are innovation. They beautify imagination. Mould the perception. Create the creation. Glorify a person. Build a nation.

Now, let’s focus on the greatly debated topic of ‘Building a New Nepal’ and try to identify the need of colours in it. So, what colours do our country need?

Red for those fearful people who know what to do but dare not.

Pink for all those who wake up, read newspaper with a cup of tea and a crisp bite of freshly baked biscuits, complain about everything that is stale in the society and then go to bed (again).

Orange for those who want to change things around but cannot get themselves to start.

Yellow for those who have vowed to turn blind eye to the injustice on the altar of ignorance.

Green for those who have lost faith in humanity and miracles of life.

Blue for those who think violence is the only alternative.

White for those who are no longer the way god made them when he sent them on this earth.

Black for those who have lost themselves in the dark alleys of greed, power and lust bringing instability to themselves and to the nation.

As I see it, our country needs all these colours in its country-people. May people find strength in these colours and the colours find strength in them. I hope everyone lives a very colourful life!

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  1. Sagendra says:

    I need colorful Shina 🙂


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