Travel Monologues: Bangkok

Suvarnabhumi Airport in Thailand is one beautiful airport, I think. The airport was spacious and clean. It left me with an impression of Bangkok city that soon changed when I reached the city- Pratunam. Pratunam was crowded with street vendors in the evening. The air was saturated with the smell of fried foods; the streets filled with tourists buying clothes, souvenirs, and mobile phones. That evening, we went to have dinner at a nearby local restaurant. Surprisingly, the food was delicious. The staffs were rushing from one customer to the other. I looked at those staffs serving foods and wondered if they too had been served food in a restaurant in a foreign country; if they also had been on a vacation somewhere. But their weary faces hinted that they hadn’t gone on a holiday for ages. And the chances of going in future were also distant. 
I abandoned the thought as quickly as it had come, ate and left for the hotel.

A little more love

Their love was like butterflies in an open garden- colourful and fluttering. But then they slowly started shedding their wings and devolved into caterpillars.


Martin woke up screaming and trembling in his bed; drowned in sweat. Dazed by his own dream, that almost reflected his hopelessness and fading strength, he ran towards the mailbox. Surprisingly, he found three envelopes- exactly as he had found in his nightmare. He knew by instinct what those envelopes contained. Sitting on the kitchen table, he read his rejection letter and almost instantly, as already rehearsed in his sleep, rushed into the washroom. His dream portended his reality. The drawers opened. The bottle of poison dropped into his hand effortlessly. It was time.

Why Dan Brown?

If you love suspense and thrillers, you should read Dan Brown.
If you love art and architecture. , you should read Dan Brown.
If you love murder mysteries, you should read Dan Brown.
If you have faith in ‘Jeova Sanctus Unus’, you should read Dan Brown.
If you are a non-believer, you should read Dan Brown.
If you love ancient mysteries, you should read Dan Brown.
If you love history, you should read Dan Brown.
If you love conspiracy theories, you should read Dan Brown.
If you love codes and cryptography, you should read Dan Brown.
If you love mysticism and magic, you should read Dan Brown.
If you love science, you should read Dan Brown.
If you love fiction, you should read Dan Brown.
Basically, if you are a human being capable of reading, you should read Dan Brown!

Fire and Joy

And then it was all but a sudden silence. He had crossed the boundary-less verdant field and was running down the long stairs that rose high into the sky when he realized that the voice was not following him anymore. He turned around and looked to the top, into the heavens he felt; his eyes narrowed from the attack of powerful sunrays glaring back at him. He started ascending the stairs calling out for her but there were no answers, no hushes and no heaving breathes. He panicked and started running with strength more than his physical body possessed while screaming, “Maah-mee!”


Do you remember the time you asked me for a date- away from all the tumultuous noises into the serenity of candle-light whispers under the stars? I heard that voice soothing my ears, like splashes of sea water soothing your feet after a long walk on the “fried-sand” in a hot summer day, while I watched your silhouette dancing in the candle-lit darkness.


“You took my heart away when my whole world was grey. You gave me everything and a little bit more”… The music floated in the air while the rhythm dissolved into the sweetness of her tender touch. Her skin was florid and delicate, always had been. Like a sculptor admiring his masterpiece, he patiently drew…

If only…

But I am a stupid woman for I haven’t seen Greenland or Iceland. I wouldn’t know which is greener or colder. I too have heard few lies but different from your truths. I am insane for I look at the dying sun and feel anew. I see a new night coming in with stars and moon and breeze and love. I am a fool for I do not walk by the set rules of practicality. I walk the road less trodden. And I do not know the algorithm to live the coded life. I know I will either make it or break it and the chances are high that I will break it. I know!

Colour & Country

Red for courage, Pink for energy, Orange for vitality, Yellow for wisdom, Green for life, Blue for peace, White for purity, Black for stability…

Dear Mother…

But don’t mistake this letter as a gratitude; this is an apology. My dear dear mother, I am sorry – from the core, from the depths of chasm, from whatever deep there is out there- for whatever you did and had to do for me. Very few people can see my eyes swollen- not with joy and pride- but with pain and regret whenever I talk about you. I wish I could take it all back and fix all the broken pieces.